Supplement That Can Help You Gain Muscles Part 2

Ryse L - Glutamine

L - Glutamine has been shown to aid recovery by reducing muscle soreness and increasing glycogen replenishment which mean more energy to your muscles

meaning you can recover sooner and train harder making you more muscles

Ryse Supplements will give you a high quality product that is perfect for you and don't forget to check out their premium pre-workouts for better results in the gym

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Omega 3

Optimal Nutrition Omega 3

It has been proven that omega 3 increases protein syntheses by around 50% and the more protein synthesis the more muscle you gain also omega 3 is perfect for recovery because it helps with muscle soreness and other factors so taking omega 3 after a workout is more than ideal

Its highly important you take your omega 3 from a quality source because some brands have fillers and or even mercury on their fish oil and that is why Optimal Nutrition is a good trusted quality brand that we personally recommend if you want to see better results

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Vitamin D3 + K2 ( MCT oil )

Vitamin D helps with cardiovascular health, better energy levels and better testosterone production apart from all the high quality of vitamin D3 it also has vitamin k MK7 and this vitamin K is essential in calcium absorption and helps prevent blood clothing and this product also contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which are know for increasing and boosting energy levels and promote weight loss and better management of cholesterol

Its hard to find a good quality vitamin D supplement in the market that is why we recommend SBR Nutrition not just due to the amazing price and quality its also because of the added vitamins and MCT's that it has

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